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Fresh & Frozen Mangosteen
Season : May - Sep.

Mangosteen is round with a thick dark puple skin. The inside flesh are soft white and delightfully sweet.

Sourced from our registered farm
Fruits are sourced, harvested and graded direct from our contracted farm by our people, in order to assure standard of quality and and enable to trace back.

Export quality fruits are selected based on smooth skin and weight, 75-110 grms/fruit are selected to pack for export. Fresh mangosteen is 10 weight loose packed in red harden plastic basket, totally oaded 2,000 baskets for 40 ft. container.

Frozen mangosteen is 500 grms. packed in ziped lock plastic bag with 24 bags in kraft paper carton. Total 1,500 cartons loaded in 40 ft.container.

Range of packing size
Size Weight / fruit
S 75 - 85
M 86 - 95
L 96 - 110

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